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Design Space
Design Engineering Areas Engineers in Colorado Springs Mechanical Design Consulting Engineering Space
Engineering Synthesis: . . . . ( it's a way of thinking)
Synthesis is:  "bringing the pieces together for a coherent whole"
-- this is, from an engineering perspective, exactly what we do.
We're here to help you succeed.  Let us know what you need.
Design Space
Our Services:
Engineering Space
- Product Development  - from concept to production
Design Space
- Design Services:
Engineering in Colorado
Design Areas Functional Design, Aesthetics and Creativity in Design Solutions
Mechanical as well as Electrical / Electronic Services
- Engineering Consulting:
Design Ideas
Design Consulting, Failure Analysis & Forensics
Manufacturing Process Analysis and Optimization
Engineering Excellence
- Prototyping & Testing  - for design verification and/or prove out
- Manufacturing Optimization  - with all sorts of processes
Prototype Concepts
. . .  and so much more  - See the Engineering Services Pages.
What have we been up to?
Colorado Springs
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From a Previous Project ...
Prototype Modeling
Precision machined pieces used in a specialized hydraulic actuator.
See the Slide Show for a lot more of what we have been doing.
Six Areas of Core Expertise:
See our Engineering Services pages for all the details.
Model Speck
Areas of Engineering Expertise Constraint We are a full service design and engineering provider. 

We offer a host of product development and design services ...
 ... and we go beyond the typical with things like:

- Blending Style and Performance
       (Functionally Aesthetic)

- Constraintless Thinking
       (beyond the box, can or crate)

- Leveraged, True, Full Service
       (Engineering Synthesis)

Plus, all the normal which you can read about in our Engineering Services pages.

We are your one-stop-shop for product development - from concept to production (or any portion thereof).  We are the Synthesis in "Bringing a Product Together."

Detail Modeling
Our Philosophy:
Engineering Space
Our philosophy combines System Optimization with Component Eloquence for performance, reliability and economy.  We bring innovation & experience to product deployment -- It's all about Empowering Your Profitability.

We're one of the best.  Need examples?  Check out our resume in pictures, or the long list of patents.

We've been in business since 1995 and still going strong.  It's our work ethic, attention to detail, and drive for excellence that keep customers coming back.

Need more?  Meet the Owner.

Design Keys
Thank You  for visiting.  Have a wonderful day.
Engineering Space


Are you an innovator?  Do you consider yourself and inventor?  Do you have a great idea that needs to become a great product? Check it out ... our Inventors Section was written for you.  This is a series of sections pertaining to inventors, invention and innovation -- with guidelines and helpful hints in chasing a dream, or just bring a new product to market.  The info is FREE.

Announcement:  The Synthx.com Buy the Way section is back On-Line!

The upgrade is done, and Buy the Way is now back on-line with new functionality and the same awesome Do-it-Yourself plans!  Check out the designs made as Do-It-Yourself projects including Utility Trailers in many sizes, Shop Tools like Gantry Cranes and vertical Presses, and many more.  The pages and content have all been redesigned for easier selection and a better experience.  All the engineering is done, and all designs are ready to build.  It's all there for you.
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